Brewer Beef brings their gold standard approach to Angus

North East & Goulburn Murray Farmer

3 Jan 2022


EXCITING ADDITION: The Brewers had such a great run of traditional Simmentals, that eight bulls have been offered up for sale.

BREWER Beef are offering up a stellar line-up of black Simmental and Simmental Angus cross bulls at their upcoming sale on February 18, with some exciting new additions to their annual bull sale.

Brewer Beef have expanded their enterprise under the banner Koetong Angus, and will have 14 pure Angus bulls also available on the day.

With the herd based on cows from Yancowinna, Jondaryn, Ireland’s and Alpine Angus, the Brewers also bought all the stud stock from Cheltenham Park when it came up for dispersal.

“We decided to get right into it,” said stud principal, Tara Brewer. “We don’t do things in halves.” With the Brewers having 140 Angus females they are ready to hit the ground running, and have used Temania Leyburn by Temania Gaskin as their chosen sire.

The decision to diversify into Angus was partly driven by the Brewers’ 12 year old son, Henry, who has aspirations to be a stud stock auctioneer.

With a passion for Angus, Henry is looking forward to attending the NH Foods Australia Angus Youth National Roundup, held mid-january in Wodonga.

“He’s our main marketer at the

moment,” said Tara with a chuckle.

“Henry’s keen about all things cattle, however, he’s particularly interested in breeding Angus.”

The next generation of Brewers are just as passionate and committed to the industry as their parents Tara and David are.

“Both of our boys are in high school, and they are both very actively engaged with the farm,

and we’re excited as a family to add Koetong Angus to the portfolio,” Tara said.

“It’s a long term project, with the view to family succession.”

At the on-farm sale in February, the Brewers also have another surprise.

For the first time ever, eight traditional red and white Simmental bulls are falling under the hammer.

“David’s mum always had traditional Simmentals at Sylvandale, and we kept the herd going when she passed,” said Tara.

“Our market was predominantly export heifers and bulls through private sales, however, we had such a good run of bulls sired by Barana Nutcracker from Woonalee Jumbo that we brought them into our annual sale.

“They are such excellent cattle that we had to put them out there again.”

The eight will add to a line-up of over 50 premium quality bulls, that the Brewers will be offering for sale at their Tallangatta Valley property on Soldier Settlers Road.

With progeny from sires like Lancaster Nimbus N303 by CCR Cowboy Cut; Lancaster Enforcer K25 by Lancaster G-force; Wombrumurra N143 by GW Breakout; N262 by Millah Murrah Reality; and Lancaster M161 by GW Breakout, the Brewer Beef 2022 sale is a definite on the calendar.

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