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 2021 Sale –  March 26th 2021

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David and I are excited to show you our newly focused herd of Black Simmentals, based on the tried and true principals of the past 30 years in Simmentals they are bred to be functional, easy care cattle that perform.

Primary focuses of the herd are easy care quiet cattle that make producers jobs as easy as possible. As the herd is operated over 10 different properties, the cows have to calve unassisted and have consistently done so for over 5 years, having not pulled a normally presented calf in that time.


BrewerBeef Black Simmentals fit seamlessly into an Angus herd, providing extremely valuable hybrid vigour, effectively giving the producer more dollars for free. BrewerBeef cattle never fail to achieve top prices at market and progeny of our bulls have enjoyed above average prices and increased competition on our cattle in recent years due to their ability to do well and their easy handling attributes. 

We look forward to presenting our 6th sale draft under the BrewerBeef brand on

March 26th 2021  and assisting you to maximise your profits.



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BrewerBeef Purchases New Sire

We were lucky enough to secure Lancaster Quarterback Q347 in Feb 2021 We really think he is one of the most complete packages we have ever been able to find.  18,101 total views,  18 views today